(utilising technology patent-protected by Jai Kudo Lenses)


One of the most crucial factors in lens performance is, of course, the lens coating. In optical terms, it’s what separates the wheat from the chaff. The best coatings will provide the spectacle wearer with, in addition to other benefits, markedly sharper and more natural vision.

Jai Kudo Lenses’ INFINITY XT represents the very pinnacle of modern AR coating technology. Incredibly durable, it provides your patient with an unprecedented level of protection against reflective glare and harmful UV rays, whilst optimising light transmission and delivering exceptional clarity of vision.

The INFINITY XT coating process takes place in a strictly controlled vacuum environment. Both surfaces of the lens are bombarded with specially refined micro-crystals as part of a precision-regulated coating program, incorporating the production of six anti-reflective layers, an extra-hard coat, plus anti-scratch and anti-glare layers.

The INFINITY XT has an attractive soft green hue.

Key Properties/Benefits

  • Enhanced UV protection
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Ultimate scratch resistance
  • Eliminates reflections (front and back)
  • Repels water, grease, grime & dust
  • Exceptional clarity due to 99% light transmission


The INFINITY XT can be extended to include our industry-leading HYDRO+ treatment. The resulting 12-layer AR coating has all the benefits of the regular INFINITY XT but with a truly remarkable resistance to smudging and smearing (a common complaint with conventional AR coatings). By effectively ‘filling in’ the gaps that exist naturally between the molecules on the top layer of an AR coating, a completely smooth, flawless surface is created that does not collect dirt or dust particles. In extensive tests, a lens that has undergone Jai Kudo Lenses’ unique HYDRO+ treatment has proved to be up to 8 times easier to clean.

Many lens suppliers offer both a standard and premium version of a super-hydrophobic coating. Jai Kudo Lenses simply provides you with one, the best one: the INFINITY XT HYDRO+.

For the ultimate in performance, durability and easy maintenance, look no further than the INFINITY XT HYDRO+.


Jai Kudo Lenses BLUE SHIELD treatment is currently available on stock 1.61 Aspheric lenses and selected RX products. It has been developed specifically to block the harmful ‘blue-light’ rays that emanate from many frequently used electrical devices (such as LCD televisions, smart phones, tablets, GPS screens, pc monitors etc.) causing eye-fatigue and, in extreme cases, sleeplessness.


BLUE SHIELD affords the wearer instantly improved comfort with greater perception of depth and contrast.


Currently available on stock 1.61 Aspheric lenses, Jai Kudo Lenses’ HONEYCOMB MESH has been created to reduce exposure to EMI radiation, combat diffused reflections and further reduce chromatic aberration. In layman’s terms, it effectively creates a pin-hole effect that channels (and purifies) the signal reaching the retina. Patients opting for our HONEYCOMB MESH treatment will notice sharper, clearer vision without eye-strain.

Ideal Applications:

  • Reading and writing
  • Computer use
  • Night Driving
  • Exposure to excessive lighting



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