Full product specification for My Office 1.59

My Office 1.59

RX/Special orders normally dispatched within 5-7 working days.

Technical Information

Refractive Index:1.586
Abbe Value:31
  • Blue Mirror
  • Blueshield
  • Flash Mirror
  • Gold Mirror
  • Hardcoated
  • Hydro+
  • Infinity XT
  • Silver Mirror
  • 50-60mm
  • 50-65mm
  • 50-70mm
  • 50-75mm
Additions+0.75 to +3.50
Power Degressions
  • Auto Degression - FH18
  • Auto Degression - FH14
Min Fitting Height
  • Auto Degression - FH18: 18mm
  • Auto Degression - FH14: 14mm
PrismUp to 5 diopters combined.


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Sales hotline: 020 8732 9600
Range Description Coating Price RX/Specials Stock Range tinted Refractive Index: Abbe Value: Diameters Additions Density: UV: Prism Up to 5 diopters combined. Corridor Length Min Fitting Height Fitting Point
(compared to HCL)
Coatings: Switch to -cyl Switch to +cyl Extra Solid Tint Graduated Tint for additions between and for additions up to for additions over Fitting Height Min Frame Depth



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